Effective Work Mastery by DISC Model

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Effective Work Mastery by DISC Model




        Used by more than 40 million people worldwide, DISC is a behavioral assessment tool that provides a comprehensive model for understanding your management style and how to effectively manage and interact with others.

         DISC is used in a wide variety of settings, including business, education, sales, and coaching to improve productivity, teamwork, and communication and to reduce conflict.

Essentially, DISC identifies patterns of behavior, and can be used to implement solutions for maximizing an individual's strengths and minimizing weaknesses.

What is DISC Model 

         Organizations and facilitators choose the DISC assessment because it is easy to administer, user- friendly and a powerful tool. The DISC model divides people into four main behavioral styles. Individuals are identified as either People-oriented or Task-oriented. They are further distinguished as Reserved or Active. The resulting behavioral styles are called:

  • D-style (Dominance)
  • I-style (Influence)
  • S-style (Steadiness)
  • C-style (Correctness)  
         DISC model helps leaders and employees to communicate better, influence, and motivate others to create successful relationships with managers, stakeholders, subordinates, customers and colleagues.

Characteristics of DISC Model

         This course explains the characteristics of each DISC model: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Correctness. This course emphasizes on main characteristics, behavior, and motivational factors for each type.

         The course focuses the presentation, motivation, communication, decision making, job assignment and coaching method for each type according DISC model.

Role Playing: How to deal with each type of staff in each situation 

          This session is about how to motivate, encourage, and empower each type of staff in different situations in production, marketing, training, and other problems.

After Action Review: Conclusion and Recommendation 

         Summarize what has been learned during the course, make it into a report to follow up

  • Management Levels (Leader/Supervisor/Manager)


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